Friday, July 13, 2012

Best Deal ever, part 2 !

If you checked out my previous post you are aware that I recently received a great Glavine lot fro eBay (with the help of Kyle !) with mostly numbered & relic cards ! In case you missed it check out the story here. Now let's continue with the loot overview !

First up, a nice Topps Finest as well as a cool-looking card with David Justice.

A nice numbered Leaf Certified Cut was also included !

I received a bunch of this card, but interestingly enough they were all slightly different and all numbered slightly differently as well (all <#50).

Two more of the 16 relic cards that were included !

I like this Fleer Ultra card and I like the Diamond Kings card even more !!

Two more cool cards, a Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Spectrum card and one fromthe Topps Stars set !

Let me do just one more before I bore everyone too much !!! Let's finish with another nice relic card !

Although the package included 10+ more relic cards and 100+ more numbered cards let me stop here before I drive everyone crazy with Glavines !!

Thanks for checking out my blog today ! I just got word that my Allen & Ginter boxes are arriving soon so excited about building that set and more on this hopefully soon !!!!


  1. Hey, it's your blog. You post all the Glavines you want.

  2. Glavine and Justice. The good old days

  3. I'm always intrigued when pitchers are shown on cards batting. You got a couple of good ones!