Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Topps 206 Box Break

Already a few months ago I had the opportunity to open a box of Topps 206. I didn't really know Topps 206 so for me this was a first. I scored some nice cards for my player collections and I will add the "hits" of the break to my Trade Bait List, so if you have any interest let me know !

First up, some base cards, Sabathia and Verlander. The base cards look oke overall but not a huge fan I must admit.

The set also contains multiple colour variations like these multiple Mantles, they look the same but they are not.

Here you can see the colour difference a bit better....

Lincecum was also present and here you see an example of one of the red, thicker, variation cards.

The box also contained minis !! I always like minis !!! Some of the minis are numbered and some are just a "simple" mini. They look oke-ish but they didn't blow me away like some of the A&G and GQ ones sometimes do.

The "hit" of the box was a framed mini Oakland Athletics autograph card of Vin Mazzaro, currently playing for the Kansas City Royals (although I admit, I had to look that one up !).

That's it, I now have plenty of Topps 206 for trade so if you are looking for any just let me know !


  1. I never cared for 206 either so I wasn't heart broken when Topps decided to replace it w/ Gypsy Queen.

  2. I never knew Mantle was so colorful.

  3. honestly don't care much for the 206s. don't turn any Phillies down, mind you, but they just don't do much for me...

  4. t206 seem a little bland to me but thats just me