Sunday, July 22, 2012

Diamond Kings Auto and Bat card !

Like most of you (I assume) I regularly check out eBay. Usually my first search is for new Glavine cards to add to my Glavine Collection. A few weeks ago I found two beauties...yes...still talking about cards.

First an awesome Diamond Kings Card, not a simple auto, no, it also has a game-used jersey and bat !! Furthermore, it´s numbered 5/5 !! To be honest, the only improvement could have been an on-card auto instead of a sticker auto.

The second card is a cool bat card, and not just a small piece of bat, a really large piece of bat, autographed as well !!! It´s from Upper Deck Sweet Spot Signatures.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am off chasing more Glavine cards ! 


  1. I'm not a big fan of sticker autos, but that Bat auto is nice.

  2. wonder exactly how many cards they could make from one bat??

  3. i still dont own a bat card but that Glavine is sweet

  4. Sweet Spot never disappoints! That is one awesome autographed card!