Monday, July 16, 2012

Pulling a Chipper Jones Auto !

A while back, when I was visiting the US, I was able to get a box of 2008 Upper Deck Authentic, a set I really liked and am still trying to complete. I opened the box yesterday so let's have a quick peak what was in the box !

Let's do it differently this time and start with the big hit !! The box included a "by the letter" autographed card numbered to only 10 ! Furthermore, it's a HOF-to-be, it's Chipper Jones ! The auto is a bit difficult to see on the scan but it's there !

I pulled two more autos out of the box with the Hart one having a relic as well !

The base cards itself look pretty nice as well, I like'em ! Here's Jeter and Rivera !

Given that this is an Upper Deck box from 2008 I had the pleasure of receiving some more Yankee Stadium Legacy, a set I am foolish enough to try to complete (but I still have 5000 or so to go !!).

I also pulled a Glavine Authentic Achievement variation card !

All in all a fun box the break with some good trade bait or eBay loot !


  1. Here I am again. That Chippa is awesome!

  2. nice pull
    2008 SP KEMP for me if you every get one

  3. I pulled a Chipper Jones auto once but it was a redemption and had already expired. That's what I get for buying cheap wax!