Monday, July 2, 2012

Box Break Alert !

A quick post today, doing some pimping for my good friend Kyle at Juuust a bit Outside, who is hosting one of his fun group breaks ! This time he is opening up several boxes and for only $16 you get one team of your choice and a 2nd random team. The boxes include 2009 Topps Unique, 2006 Artifacts, 2003 UD Prospects Premier, 2012 Opening Day and a 2004 Fleer Hot Prospects (Draft Edition). In particular, I am really looking forward to the Topps Unique set. A lot of teams are still available including the Giants, Astros, Tigers, Indians, Red Sox and many more.

Check out Kyle's blog Juuust a bit Outside for more details !!

Juuust a bit outside (JABOs)


  1. I know it's just a pimping post, but I hate to break my streak.

  2. The only box break I've ever participated in was one of Kyle's.