Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sports Obsessions Loot !

When I returned from the US this weekend a nice package with vintage cards was waiting for me to be opened ! A while back, Jeff at My Sports Obsessions wanted to get rid of some extra Topps cards from the 70ties and early 80ties he had lying around and I happily volunteered to take some off his hands ! I picked his extras from the 1976 and the 1981 sets. Basically my goal is to try to complete all the "normal" Topps sets from all the years (series 1&2) so this was a great opportunity to add some to my collection. The 1976 set seemed like a cool starting point as it was the year I was born (yes, I am still a young guy !!) while the 1981 set was more of a random set I picked.

Starting with the 1976 set some cool cards were included. As I like great pitchers this Seaver is a great addition to my collection. Yankees are, of course, also always a welcome addition !

I also like the look and feel of these two cards, Roy White and Boog Powell.

The 1976 set also includes newspaper like cards (not sure why the colours of the Dutch flag are at the bottom)

All in all, I like the 1976 set and I will have fun trying to complete it in the coming years ! Of course, in case you have any excess 1976 cards lying around I am always happy to help you clean up ! The 1981 set is also fun, here is another Yankees card and Tom's back as well !

Two more from the '81 set: Winfield and Murcer !

Let me finish with my favourite, and by most hated, team, the Yankees !

Before I forget, Mike Tyson was also included in his former role as a baseball player, I guess before he turned pro-boxer ! (oke sorry, that was probably a lame joke....)

Jeff, thanks you so much for giving me a good start with my quest to complete the '76 and '81 sets !! Hope you enjoyed the package I send you in return !


  1. Man, I LOOOOOOVVEE the 1976 set and HAAAAATEE the 1981 set. Nice cards!

    1. Guess you don't like the baseball caps:-)

  2. Glad you liked them. I have a post ready from the cards you sent me, might be awhile before I get around to posting it though. I'm way behind.

    I love the 1981 set but I think it's more sentimental because it was the first year I collected and I had a crapload of them. That's why I'm trying for the set.

  3. first we had a Boof, now we have a Boog!! hilarious!!

  4. Gotta love the hair from the 70's!