Thursday, July 12, 2012

Best deal I have done so far !!!!

2 months ago a large number of Tom Glavine cards appeared on eBay, most of them numbered cards as well as a bunch of relics, all from the same seller. Clearly, someone was selling their Glavin collection and this was a huge opportunity to make a great expansion to my own Glavine collection. So, the next step was obvious, contact the seller, which I did !! I asked him if I could buy the whole lot, or at least everything that was not bid for in round 1 (which was likely to be most of them as the other Glavine collection besides me was apparently not checking eBay that week :-)) Sadly enough, the seller was unwilling to sell to an unknown European guy.....out the door went my dream of having the ultimate Glavine collection......

Luckily, a fellow blogger helped me out big-time and was willing to do the deal with this seller for me. Kyle at Juuust a bit Outside was this awesome blogger & fellow baseball card fanatic !! Thanks so much Kyle !!!

Clearly, the seller trusted a fellow American much more and was happy not to be selling to this European guy from the Netherlands :-)

And so it happened. Kyle received a great package of Glavine cards which he forwarded to me ! Kyle being Kyle, he added some Yankees cards and cool pitchers as well (check out the details here). The best thing, the lot of close to 20 relic cards and over 150 numbered cards only costed me $50 (ex postage), the best deal I have been able to do so far (with the help of Kyle of course!).

Here's a flavor of what was in the package and will split it up over 2 posts or so.....If you hate Glavine please look the other way !!!

First up a red Bowman Chrome, numbered #/5 !! Also several Playoff Absolute Memorabilia were included, this one numbered to #/50.

As said, lot included some cool relic cards, here's a cool jersey AND bat card !!

I also really like the Diamond Kings set, here one of the cool Glavine cards in the set !

Two cool cards that look alike, Donruss Elite (#/53) and Leaf Certified Materials.

A Sweet Spot Patches was also included, as was one of the Triple Threads cards

Another Bowman Chrome numbered card and a nice Playoff Prestige card.

Oke, two more before I call it a day ! Two Leaf Limited numbered cards ofwhich I now own a whole bunch !

All in all, a lot of great additions to my Glavine collection ! Tomorrow a second post on some of the Glavine cards. Still, despite the big addition to my collection I am not done yet so if you have any Glavine cards let me know and let's set up a trade !!!

Thanks for looking and a special thanks to Kyle for making this all happen !!


  1. I just want to say, I'll bet MANY of your blogger buddies would have done the same thing. We have a great community of guys/gals out there. Congrats on the sweet lot of cards and thanks for including me in your deal. It was fun just to LOOK at all those cool Glavines.

    1. Thanks again Kyle, really appreciate it ! It's good to have this awesome blogger community and makes the hobby much, much more fun !

  2. Nice score! Kyle is right, I was ready to offer my help just after the first paragraph. Glad I kept reading to see it was worked out.

  3. Those are indeed some great cards. Congrats!

  4. That's a great story about one collector helping another; it was awesome of Kyle to step up. And they're right, it is a pretty awesome blogger community. . . . There must be some ninjas cutting onions nearby.

  5. Well done by all parties. Enjoyed reading the post and seeing all the cool additions. Tip of the cap to Kyle for a super nice deed.

  6. Hey I already commented here. That really was a great thing Kyle did for you.

  7. that's what we do, we stick together and help each other out as best we can...

  8. 47 as Brave great
    47 as a Met... meh