Saturday, July 28, 2012

A&G trade with the Dimwit !

This year I am chasing the full Allen & Ginter set and was actually hoping for a complete set when opening 3 hobby boxes. However, Hobby Box 2 & 3 contained 99% the same base cards (thanks Topps...) so I still am in need of a bunch of 2012 A&G. Sam at theDailyDimwit is facing the same situation so this was a good opportunity to help each other out on this front. Yesterday a bunch of A&G cards arrived, helping me to close in on completing the set. So if you have any spare 2012 A&G (or other years) lying around do check out my Want List. I still have plenty of A&G base available for trade !

Now let's have a look what kind of cool cards Sam send my way! Two great-looking base cards !

Federer had a difficult first round today at the Olympics, still the most likely to win gold in my view.

Sam also included a bunch of Historical Turning Points inserts and one of the World's Tallest Building inserts ! As a non-US citizen I am actually a bit sceptical about the "fairness" of this insert series as 90% or so are buildings from the US while in all honestly, there have been a lot of tall(er) buildings build in Asia (Singapore, China, Korea, Taiwan etc) in the last 5-10 years. But I get it, it's mostly a US crowd buying this product :-)

Lastly, mini's !!!! Some Yankees, Rivera!, and some of the mini inserts !!

Thanks Sam for a cool trade and helping me get one step closer to completion !! If anyone is looking to trade A&G let me know !


  1. I think it's funny to see a Whale on a mini card.

  2. and that Wright Brothers card should have been horizontal!

  3. agree with Richard. Vertical not so much

  4. Griffey and Ginter go together better than almost anyone else!