Sunday, July 8, 2012

Package from JABO !!

Kyle at Juuust a bit Outside recently helped me out playing middle man in a large Glavine trade I was trying to complete (thanks man, really appreciate it !!). When that package arrived Kyle had also added a lot of cool bonus cards of his own, mostly Yankees and some of the pitchers I collect.

I am still trying to complete the Yankee Stadium Legacy set (still ~5000 to go!) so Kyle added a couple to bring me  few steps closer to completion !!

Several of the pitchers I collect were also included. Here's Verlander and Lincecum.

Kyle also helped me out getting closer to completion on the 2012 Archives set. Here's Dickey and Santana ! Dickey is on a roll this year, although when I saw him live against the Yankees two weeks ago he clearly had a bad day.

Two more Yankees, one I know and one I had never heard of ! Apparently, Slade is one of the Yankees prospects. The other Yankee I guess you already know :-)

Wade Boggs was also included. Even happier I was with the Topps Finest card of Hellickson as I am still chasing that set and I only have a few cards to go !

Here's Wade Boggs again, as a superstar, and a Giambi Cracker Jack !

Any package with a Rivera card I didn't own yet is a great package and this one is a cool card. Also a Pettitte in full action, his comeback this year is working out well.

Kyle send me many more cards and this was just a selection. Great cards Kyle, thanks very much again and a return package will come your way soon !!

More on one of the best deals ever, that Kyle helped me out with as a middle-man, in the coming days so stay tuned !!

By the way, don't forget to check out Kyle's Blog as he is doing another one of his fun box breaks !