Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Visit to a Local? Card Shop

Clearly, the concept of a local card shop (LCS) doesn't really exist in Europe so I never have the opportunity to visit one. However, two weeks ago I spend a week in the US and had the opportunity to spend some time in a Manhattan LCS, a small one but still ! I was a little disappointed with the availability of cards and was hoping for more relic and auto cards of some of my favourite players. That wasn't the case. Still, I did manage to find a few nice new cards for my collection !

My first find was one of the GQ 2012 SPs I was still missing, Cobb !! If you have any for trade do check out my Want List ! I also noticed a cool numbered Swisher card, I like watching him play.

I also scored a couple of Sabathias. Here's a Sabathia mini as well as a numbered Triple Threads card.

Two more in an Indians Uniform, couldn't find any in Yankees uniform.

Two other of my favourite pitchers, Verlander (Archives cloth) and a beautiful Topps Tribute Blyleven.

The visit would not have been a complete success without a Glavine score to satisfy my additction so luckily I found a few. A great Diamond Kings as well as a thick Bazooka card !

One more Bazooka and a gold Bowman in Mets uniform.

Oke, stay with me, only 2 more Glavines :-)

All in all, I was a little disappointed to leave without any relic or auto card but still some nice cards for my collection. To satisfy my addiction I also picked-up a 20120 Bowman box but more on that later.

Thanks for reading ! 


  1. In my mind a card shop in Manhattan would be way overpriced, especially for someone looking for Yankee cards. I'm glad you found something to buy though.

  2. I think everyone has that one LCS, not overly friendly and a bit overpriced.

  3. I know it's a SP, but I've never seen that Cobb and it's great! Thanks for sharing!