Sunday, May 5, 2013

Adding a player to my Collection !!

Although I started out as a Yankees collector I found myself gradually moving focussing more on completing sets (Topps flagship, GQ, A&G) but most of all focussing on collecting players. Although I find a lot of joy in completing a set, the most fun I have is when I am adding to one of my player collections. My sole focus has been on pitchers but today I am officially starting a non-pitcher collection !!

Like with Tom Glavine and Bert Blyleven I like the personal connection and last summer I had the chance to see Anthony Rizzo's debut with the Cubs in Chicago in which he played a great game. Since then I have been following him fairly closely. Today I will officially start to focus on collecting him as well and opening a Rizzo tab (yes, this blog announcement makes it official!). This also gives me a good reason to watch some Cubs games !!

I was already able to pick-up a few cards in the last few weeks with more to come in the coming weeks !! Another nice challenge as Rizzo already has almost 20 cards in the latest Topps Tribute set (including all the parallels!) so plenty to start with !! Here are a few !!

First up a very nice 2012 Museum Collection, a beautifull on card auto (still at the Padres) !!

 Next up, my favourite set, Allen & Ginter with a great framed and signed mini !!

Lastly, one of the recent (gold) parallels from Topps Tribute, numbered to only 15 !

I hope this will be another fun collection !! If you have any Rizzo's for trade let me know of course !!!


  1. Rizzo's been getting hot as of late. This is a super add to you PC. Good call!

  2. I just picked up a 2013 Gypsy Queen Rizzo at a card show this afternoon. I'll put it in your pile if you need it!

    1. Already own the basecard if that's what you mean !

  3. Not much of a Cubs fan, but Rizzo is an impressive player. Good luck on the collection!

  4. Nice start to the Rizzo collection. Good luck with it.

  5. AH-ha!

    I knew I wouldn't be alone. Those are some STELLAR cards above. Great beginning to your Rizzo collection, my friend.

    If I run into any extra's or see any other cards in my collection that fit your other NEEDS lists, I'll let you know.

    Good luck!


  6. Will keep you in mind Ryan for my Rizzo extras !

  7. You've got an amazing Rizzo collection!

  8. Ginter definitely has that whole mini thing down pat!

  9. i hate when i start liking another new player
    burns a hole in my pocket

  10. As long as you don't start chasing Rangers!