Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Waiting 'til Next Year ??

Don't think so as an awesome package already arrived this year, actually this week, in my mailbox so no need to Wait 'til Next year !! Tom and I recently set up a cool trade and the cards he send me are great ! Note that I need to thank his sister as well as she apparently is a collector as well and added to the pile of cards Tom send me !!

First of all, he was able to help my complete the 2012 Cooperstown base set !! Tom send me a big pile of Coopertown but these two were the best, a Blyleven for my PC and a cool Wagner !

Tom also send me vintage !!! I have started collecting vintage card a while back and will try to complete most of the Topps base sets. I started with the 1976 set and tom send me a bunch of cool Cubs from that year !! Here's two (and I must admit I don't know these guys).

Tom send me more (recent) "vintage", 2012 Archives, a set I am still trying to complete so these were welcome !!

Two Panini Triple Play, Jeter and Kershaw with the Jeter from the 2013 set !!!

Couple of more cool cards !, Some Opening Day inserts as well as a few 2009 Allen & Ginter, a set I am still trying to complete !!

A surprise pack was also included, exciting !!!

and in it was.......

Rivera !!!!!!

Awesome card for my Rivera collection !!!

All in all an awesome package so thanks very much Tom (and sister!) for the trade. Looking forward to the next one !!!


  1. I'm glad the cards made it! I've never mailed internationally before and was a little worried! It was my pleasure, and I too, am looking forward to the next trade!

  2. Wait. Rivera was already a legend in 2010?

  3. That Halladay is awesome! I love the opening day sets.

  4. Wagner looks like he's wearing a huge winter coat.