Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kershaw Tribute, part 2 !!

A while back I showed some Kershaw relics from this year's Topps Tribute, my favourite set so far this year. A while back I was also able to score one of his cool autographed cards, a real beauty !! Here is it !!

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  1. That is gorgeous! How many Kershaw autos is that now for you?

    1. 58 and counting...will post my Kershaw excel spreadsheet soon with some ore statistics !

  2. Well, I must say, from a woman perspective, that Kershaw usually looks nice in every card ;)
    But 58 autos is just a huge collection already! Try making a grid with all cards to have an idea of them all put together.

  3. I like the Tribute autos a lot more than the relics! Great card!

  4. Great looking card! I love that he fills the card with his graph!

  5. Nice looking card, but I don't "see" Kershaw in that scribble?? I find it truly interesting the signatures that some of these folks come up with!

  6. finally a card that I have that you have that is great