Friday, May 3, 2013

Tribute Loot from Nachos Grande

Topps Tribute is one of the high-end sets that I really like but never had the pleasure of opening up a box myself (way too expensive!). Luckily, Chris at Nachos Grande held a Tribute group break recently and I was lucky enough to get the Yankees while even luckier to get allocated the Tigers as well (hopefully some Verlander!).

This morning the loot arrived. Let's have a look !! Let's start with the base cards, I received four, two Yankees and two Tigers !! Here are my two Tigers, Ty Cobb and Verlander, great looking cards !!

The two Yankees were Sabathia (nice!) and Rodriguez (I am probably not the only Yankee fan who doesn't really like him...).

I received three more cards ! One green parallel of Babe Ruth !! Great card !!

The last two cards were two great relics ! The first one a Tribute Transition, Cecil Fielder, moving from the Tigers to the Yankees !!

The last card of the pack was another great one, a bat relic of Al Kaline !! A real beauty !!

That was it, some great loot in my view so I was lucky this time !! Thanks Chris for organizing another cool group break, looking forward to the next one !!

Thanks for visiting my blog everyone !!


  1. That's crazy that you had the tigers and Yankees and the Fielder card had both. Nice haul.

    1. Hehe, yeah, that was an interesting, and lucky, twist !

  2. Nice cards, i really need to get in touch with the tribute series.

  3. Even the tribute base cards are awesome!

  4. I saw this break happen, that Babe card is effin awesome!!

  5. i swear ive seen that cobb on another post. great card still

  6. Very nice. I'd like to get in on a Tribute break.