Friday, May 10, 2013

Triple Threads Triples !!

In the last few months I was able to pick up two Triple Threads Triples !! One from the 2011 set and one from the 2012 set, both featuring CC Sabathia, while on one Rivera joins the party as well !!

From 2011, here are al(l) east lefties with Sabathia, Lester and Price !!

..and from last year's set meet the Bronx Hurlers !! A great card with Rivera the centrepiece !!

Two great additions to my Player and Yankees collection ! Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. Man, that Pettitte/CC/Mo tri-relic is sweet! Great addition, and the "Bronx Hurlers" moniker makes it even better. One pinstripe is always better than none at all.

    How did they choose the "/18" printing quantity, I wonder?

  2. Triple Threads are awesome! I wish I could afford more of it.

  3. I guess if you put both a Sawx and a Yankmee on it, someone will even keep a Rays card!!

  4. Of course it's nice to get two of your guys on one card. Congrats.