Sunday, May 12, 2013

Triple Play Trade Bait !

For the fun of it I openend a box of Panini Triple Play a few months back and only just now really had the time to go through it. Although it's a fun set I will not trying to complete this one as I have to pick my battles !! This does mean that besides the few cards for my player collections I have a load of Triple Play Trade Bait. Therefore, if you need any 2012 Panini Triple Play cards to complete your set let me know and we can set something up !!

Here are a few for my own collection ! Meet Verlander, cardboard and sticker !!

Lincecum was also present and Verlander as a kid !!

One more Lincecum !

Lastly, some real bat feel !! No clue where it came from but fun anyways !!

In addition to the above I have a big pile of Triple Play cards so if you need any let me know !!


  1. I have a Triple Play want list here if you happen to have any of these:

  2. I tried Triple Play but just couldn't embrace it.

  3. When I was a kid?? Most of these guys are STILL kids!!

  4. I think I pulled a "jersey" card. Too funny.