Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trade with reader Marc !!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Marc from the United Kingdom proposing to trade some cards !! Well, that line always works for me and it's great to expand the trade partner circle that is getting larger and larger !! Marc could use some of the Piece of History relics and numbered cards and I got a pile of cards from my Want List in return !! Let's have a look !!

The best cards in my view, 3 Cut to the Chase inserts, beautiful cards !!

The second best cards are from the Topps 1976 set I am trying to complete as my first vintage set. Still needs loads but it's a fun project !!

Marc also send me a few minis !! I love minis and I only needs a few of these to complete this set so these were very welcome !!

The package also included a big pile of 2009 Piece of History, helping me get close to completion as well !!

Lastly, Marc send me a bunch of inserts from both the 2012 and 2013 sets, here are a few !! Cut from Above !!

Two more, Brown and Darvish !!

All in all Marc send me a great package so thanks very much Marc !! Looking forward to our next trade !!


  1. Love the Cut to the Chase inserts!

  2. I'm still trying to finish those damned Kimballs myself! Nice Brown there...

  3. cut to the chase are the best cards