Monday, May 6, 2013

Trading with Rosenort !!

I received one of the best cards this year in a trade package !! It came from Rosenort at Condition Sensitive !! We recently set-up a cool trade as he had some minis for my Gypsy Queen sets while I had some cards for him as well ! However, the best card wasn't a mini !!

Do you notice it has a non-sticker auto on it as well !! I need to get me one of those with a Dutch Card Guy logo on it !!!

Let's move to the cards ! Rosenort send me a bunch of 2013 GQ minis, including some photo variations !!

Some 2012 GQ minis were included as well, very welcome as I still need a lot of them !!

Lastly, Rosenort added two cards of one of the Dutch legends, Bert Blyleven !!!

Thanks Rosenort for a cool trade !!! Thanks everyone for visiting my blog today !


  1. Glad they got there safely, that auto is a rare black ink variation by the way.

  2. Nice!! One of my favorite on card autos is from Fuji. May have to try for one of those Rosenorts to go with Fujis.