Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Awesome package from the Hit King !

Some time ago, and out of the blue, I was contacted by Nathan (the Hit King) at Spoke Bait and the Game. He wanted to send some cards my way for Eastern in exchange for some "kruidnootjes", a dutch kind of candy, traditionally handed out to kids early December ! Of course I send him some cards to start with and last week a really awesome package arrived, fun to unpack as there was little logic to what he put in it so it was surprise after surprise !

First up, an awesome Whitey Ford box topper, I have to do some research into this one to check from which year and set it is.

Two gold-framed Gypsy Queen cards, Lincecum and Granderson !!

He included several autos as well, here are two nice looking Bowman Sterling autos !

Two razor autos as well !! Sawyer Carroll and Christian Friedrich. They look awesome !

The Hit King included some cool vintage as well !

Nathan clearly checked out my blog in detail as he even included some Glavines !!! As most of you know, I love receiving Glavines !!!

I almost forgot to show you a few relics Nathan send my way! Here they are, really like the Cone!

Let me finish with two more great looking cards, Zambrano and Carew !!

All in all, an awesome package and the cards above were only a fraction of the content !!  Many thanks Nathan for reaching out and sending me these great cards ! I hope you like what I send you and watch out for some kruidnootjes in November/December !!


  1. Replies
    1. Who knows, it might arrive at your doorstep at some point !

  2. 1964 Topps Giants :)

    1. Beat me to it lifetimetopps. I was going to comment on that last night but was too upset after my softball game. The only reason I collected Ford and Mantle stuff was for their association with Pete Rose and the name Charlie Hustle.

  3. Ford, the Freak, a prospectin Phillie... too much coolness here!!

  4. I love the framed GQ cards! Very nice!