Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Heroic Trade !

A few weeks ago Jeff at 2 by 3 Heroes contacted me as he checked out my Want List and found several cards he had which I still needed to complete my, mostly, Allen & Ginter sets. In return, I found 70 or so Gypsy Queen cards he still needed and a nice Dye relic card, so a cool trade was quickly born, and cool it was !!

The package arrived at my doorstep when I returned from holiday. Let's have a look shall we ! First up, a few 2012 Gypsy Queen inserts. I like the Hallmark Heroes and Future Stars inserts and as I only had access to some hobby boxes here in Europe, I missed out on these completely.

Some cool Future Stars cards, Hosmer and Holland !

Jeff also found me a Sabathia mini (red back) !! and best of all I am another step closer to completing the full set with this Strasburg SP, only 19 SPs to go, so if you have any for trade please let me know !!

Jeff also found me 2 Topps Series 1 inserts that I was still missing including Jeter !

Key to the trade were the Allen & Ginter cards and Jeff added some 2011, 2010 & 2008 A&G to the package !! Here's 2010's Sabathia !!

2008 A&G was also present, Varitek and Molina

Jeff also send me several 2011 Hometown Heroes inserts as well as 1 base card. This means I am now only 5 cards away completing the 2011 A&G set !!

The relic of the day was one of my favorite pitchers, Glavine, another relic added to my Glavine collection !!

To give me some morale support after the depressing performance of my team in the first 2 matches of the European Cup (I guess Jeff saw this coming :-)), he send me a pile of Soccer cards !! I had never seen these before and think they are great. Meet Bergkamp, who scored the beautiful 2-1 against Argentina in the quarter finals of the 1998 Worldcup.

 Two of the key guys who won the European Cup in 1988, Marco van Basten and Ruud Gullit !!

Jeff, many thanks for an awesome package that really helped me getting closer to completing my Allen & Ginter sets of recent years !! Looking forward to the next trade !!


  1. Was hoping you would like those soccer cards. Upper Deck did a couple sets for the '94 Cup held in the US. I bought the snot out of those cards, so I have doubles galore. An believe it or not - I do not have a complete set of either. :( But a chance to drop some soccer cards on someone is rare, so I loved that I got to dive into them.

  2. Trading is what makes the blogosphere go around and that was a good trade for you.

  3. more baseball more soccer please.

  4. Love the Gypsy Queen cards, but the Musial is my favorite!