Friday, June 1, 2012

Box Break Loot Arrives: Dodgers & Indians

Colbey at his blog Cardboard Collections recently did one of his affordable box breaks which I can never resist. As the Yankees were already taken I took the Dodgers and Indians to hopefully generate some nice trade bait. Today, the loot arrived so have a look !

First up my only Autograph pull, Martin Vargas of the Indians (#/1350)

The loot also included some numbered cards, Shawn Green of the Dodgers...

...and Alfredo Amezaga of the Angels, numbered to 1350

More Dodgers cards ! Gary Sheffield and Devon Ethier !

A nice Manny Ramirez and another Sheffield !

Kerry Wood was also present, cool looking picture.

Some 2002 Donruss, actually pretty nice looking cards !

Leaf'86 was also present

Lastly, Donruss Fan Club, Thome and Colon

Thanks Colbey for another fun break ! All cards are up for trade so let me know in case anyone is interested !


  1. I could really use the Shawn Green DK. I don't think we have done a trade yet, so I probably have some stuff you'd be interested in. Let me know!

  2. I'm new to your blog also.I'd be interested in any Cleveland Indian cards.I'll see what I have that might interest you !

  3. Thanks Diamong King and Baseball Dad, happy to set up a trade !

  4. Mike Sciosia looks so young on that card.

  5. An Ethier that will never see the bigs in a Dodger uniform

  6. I love Vargas... the pin-up artist, don't know squat about the baseball player!!

  7. Kerry Wood on any other team besides the Cubs, just does not look right.