Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh the horror !!!

As you might have noticed, I have been away for my blog since a week or so. Not only did the European Soccer Championship start but I actually went on holiday with the family as well with very limited excess to WiFi (also explaining my short, morse-code like e-mails to some of you, my apologies !!). Although the holiday was a lot of fun, the soccer has been very painful in the first week of the tournament.

We, the Dutch team, 2 years ago even reaching the final of the World Cup, lost its openings game against Denmark (0-1). We had plenty of chances to score a few goals and easily win this game but we didn't. The second match against Germany, one of our important rivals, we also lost (1-2) as our midfield played a very poor match (van Bommel, the trainer's I need to say more...). Oh, the horror, I even feel a bit ashamed for the poor way we played after having shown one of the best forms of attractive, attacking soccer in the last 2 decades or so. We usually win and dominate so this really made me depressed for a few days, a general feeling in Holland this last week.

The only, realy only, positive thing about this all is that we still have a chance to go to the quarter finals (yes, unbelievable, I know). For this to happen, Holland needs to win by at least 2 goals from Portugal (against Ronaldo, one of the most annoying players in Europe, did you noticed he changed his hairstyle during the mid-match break earlier this week!!) and Germany has to beat Denmark (likely). Progressing to the quarter finals after 2 defeats would be a first in the history of the European Championship so let's hope we will write some history this coming Sunday !!

Now back to baseball cards, the best thing about returning home from holiday is the pile of packages in the mail box, a combination of eBay and several fun trades. I will come back to all of those in the coming days. Also, as a holiday treat to myself I actually openend 2 boxes of Series 2 as well as 2 cheap boxes of Fleer 2007, just for fun !! More on those as well in the coming days !

So, all in all, good to be back and let me finish with a very cool card that I was able to pick-up from eBay recently ! Not in Yankees uniform but still a great addition to my Sabathia PC !!

Thanks for reading and more to come on my box breaks and recent trades in the coming days !!


  1. the Dutch would have won the World Cup if van der Sar had not retired. But not even the Great One could help this team. What happened??????

  2. Those Sterling relics have always looked really strange.

  3. You don't often see the Warren Spahn award referenced on a baseball card. Very nice!