Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trade with the Diamond King !

I am still catching up with all the trades I have done in recent weeks. One of these cool trades was with Kevin at the Diamond King. He contacted me recently as I had some Diamond Kings in my trade bait and things progressed quickly from there. In the end a great package arrived at my doorstep last week. Below some of the cool cards that were included. I am a bit busy at the moment so little comments, just nice cards for you to look at !!

Kevin send me a wide variety of cool cards. Let's start with 2 of my favourite pitchers: Verlander and Glavine !

Sabathia also had a spot in the line-up ! I really like the Topps Gold Label set !

Here are two Yankees from 2 very cool sets, Munson and a Teixeira mini !

More Yankees ! Babe Ruth and Robinson Cano !

Yogi Berra was also in the mix, a really nice card !

Mattingly and Jeter were also in the line-up !

Another cool Don Mattingly card

Another great looking Jeter card !!

Another nice Ruth and a Heritage Verlander !!

Kevin also send me a really nice numbered Seaver and several Nolan's !!

Another Nolan and a cool Cano !

To finish off Kevin included a cool Babe Ruth Power Deck CD card. I haven't been able to play it yet but I am really looking forward to it !

All in all, the package included many more great cards. Thanks Kevin for a great trade !!


  1. I've got some Powerdeck cards, but I've never seen the Ruth!

  2. loved the 1999 Bowman Chrome. Classic in my eyes

  3. I gravitate toward the Munson cards!