Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Sandlot Trade !

In the last few months I have traded several times with Joe at the Sandlot. It's been fun as we always seem to find some nice cards for each other every time. This time he send me a few Allen & Ginter Hometown Heroes that I still needed and a bunch of Yankees and a Verlander.

First up a cool Babe Ruth insert card: First Class Legends !

Joe put in several Co-Signers cards, nice set I must say. Here's A-Rod and Wang !

A few more Co-Signers in the pack ! Cano and Mussina !

Two UD SP Authentic Power inserts ! Damon and Giambi !

Joe found me some Hometown Heroes ! A still need afew before I have my A&G 2011 set complete but I am progressing nicely after some recent trades !

One of my favourite pitchers was also in the pack: Verlander Chrome !

Thanks Joe for another fun package, looking forward to our next trade !! (next time will try to reduce the use of exclamation points in my posts !!!)


  1. Do you have a list of your 2011 Ginter needs?

  2. I think the problem you run into is you have to collect Arod cards. I have the same problem being a Rangers collector.

  3. so do you keep your Red Sox cards considering the Yankee love?

  4. Never seen that Ruth card before. Awesome!