Friday, November 9, 2012

A Great 2 by 3 Trade !!

Earlier this week a big pile of A&G minis arrived !! I always love minis and have been trying to complete the 2012 A&G minis sets. The package came from Jeff from the blog Two by Three Heroes, I think this was already our second or third trade this year and they are always great ! Let's have a look what Jeff send me !!

First up a bunch of minis !!! Here are the regular back minis Jeff send me, including a cool Sabathia !

.....and a bunch of A&G minis and two Yankees gold minis, including a gold Rivera !!

Jeff also send me a pile of extra cards including these cool Sabathia cards !!

My other favourite Yankees pitcher: Rivera !! Great to hear he is coming back next year !!

Two cards for my Archives set as I still need a few to complete the set !!

Some great Future Stars cards, love the look and feel of these !!

Lastly, a few A&G 2012 base cards bringing me a step closer to completion, only a few more to go !!

All in all a great trade so thanks very much Jefff, looking forward to our next trade !!


  1. Always fun sending cards overseas! Later!

  2. I've always liked that Archives Robinson.

  3. The Ultra card of Mo is awesome. I also love the Goldschmidt!