Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Awesome Trade, part 2: Pitchers !

Yesterday I discussed my Allen & Ginter loot that was send to me by Roy at Plain Grey Swatch. As I told you all yesterday, there was much, much more hence a 2nd post on this trade is well deserved. Roy really looked into my collection habits in detail, illustrated by awesome cards from almost all the pitchers I collect as well as some cool Yankees.

Let´s start with my favourite, Tom Glavine !! Any package with new Glavine card is a success and this one was no different !

My Yankees favourite, Rivera was also included with a bunch of cards ! Here are two !

Sabathia was there as well !!

and Verlander !!!

and Minis !!! yes, there were minis !!!!

Lincecum joined the party as well ! Hope he can continue to form he showed in the play-offs !!

Lastly, Yankee Stadium Legacy, one my way with some 4,000 or so to go !!

Note this was not even a quarter of the pile but I will leave it at this. Many, many thanks Roy for a cool trade !! Looking forward to the next one !!


  1. I felt bad that I didn't include a Bert Blyleven card, but wouldn't you know it, I pulled one last night. It will find its way to you soon enough.

    1. Awesome thanks , butno need to feel bad about the cool pile of cards you send me, it was a great trade !!

  2. The first Glavine card, the Fleer Genuine one, it reminds me of 2007 (if I'm right) Upper Deck Future Stars design. But in other colour.

    That TR Verlander card is a bit..blushing.

  3. I need to start setting aside some pitchers for you.

  4. Pitchers, minis, and Yankees. All favorites of yours!