Sunday, November 4, 2012

Toddfather Tiger Loot !

Tim at Home of the Toddfather recently held his first group break so I thought it would be fun to participate. As the Yankees were already taken I went for the Tigers to get me some Verlander and some Trade Bait (Although I don't know that many Tiger collectors yet so please make yourself known !).

Tim opened up boxes from 2012 Topps Chrome, 2012 Topps Update and 2012 Topps Pro Debut. Here are a few cards he pulled for me in the break !

First up, a Chrome Verlander which is always appreciated ! Cabrera was present as well after his great season.

A couple of Topps Pro-Debut, I don't know these guys so no clue if they have been doing well or not ths season.

and two more guys I have never heard of (but that could also tell you more about me than about them!)

I like the All Star Game card from Topps Update, here are Fielder and Cabrera !

and another cool Fielder !

These were only a few of the pile of Tiger cards I received. So all you Tigers fans, if you are interested in trading, I got some cards waiting for a new owner (except the Verlander of course, sorry).

Thanks Tim for the group break, looking forward to the next one. Do check out Tim's blog at Home of the Toddfather so you can participate as well !



  1. Too much Fielder! I guess I better get used to him since he's a Ranger now.

  2. that seawolves card is cool! I love the minor league logos!