Saturday, November 17, 2012

Do we call this a Sabathia Rainbow ?

After checking eBay, COMC and other sources I was finally able to score this great Sabathia card, numbered to only 10 !!

This also completes the full range of Topps Tribute cards, Championship Materials as I already owned the versions numbered to #/15, #/25, #/50 and #/99. I think the collectors community calls this a "rainbow" so this would make my first "rainbow" in my collection !!! Not that this was a key goal (I just felt the Topps Tribute cards were cool) but still, it's fun to be able to say now that I also own a Sabathia Rainbow in my collection !

Here are a few of the other, the #/99 and the #/15 !

Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy the weekend !