Thursday, November 22, 2012

Awesome Trade with Steve !!

I was recently contacted by blog reader Steve who told me he had some cool cards for me from my Want List, cool cards they were !!! Yesterday a nice package arrived and it turned out to be one of the coolest trades of the year ! Let's have a look !

First up the "hits" of the trade, a Sabathia Auto card and a Glavine relic, they don't come much better than that !! Although the Sabathia Cracker Jack might look to be a "normal" sized card it is actually a nice smaller card. A Glavine relic to add to me collection as always awesome of course !!!

In addition to these 2 "hits" Steve had a big pile of Allen & Ginter for me in store. First up a few of A&G 2010, making a big dent in my Want List. This leaves only one card left !! Yes, only ONE card, number 328 so if you have an extra one lying around let me know !! Here are Lincecum and Halladay, two great pitchers, let's hope Lincecum can continue his strong off-season performance next season !

Steve also had some 2012 A&G in store for me...finally, here's Kate !! This also reduces my 2012 A&G needs to only 1 card !! Number 297, let me know if you have one lying around !!

Lastly, Steve send me a few 2011 A&G cards, here's Verlander !! I suspect Steve did this on purpose but he also reduced my 2011 A&G needs to only 1 cards !!! Number 80, where are you !!!

Really an awesome trade all around so thanks very much Steve !!! I am already looking forward to our next trade !!


  1. Is that a Mets' pinstripe on the Glavine card?

  2. Great looking card! I love the Sabathia auto. The fact that it's a mini is even more awesome.

  3. Where the hell did that blue pinstripe come from??