Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another Awesome Trade, Part 1: Allen & Ginter

A few days ago I received a big, big yellow envelop with a large pile of cards ! The sender was Roy at Plain Grey Swatch with whom I set up a big trade a few weeks back. Given the size I have decided to split the loot over 2 posts so be on the look out for a follow-on post in the coming days. Today the Allen & Ginter loot, one of my favourite sets in baseball !

I am trying to complete all the Allen & Ginter sets, or at least since it was started up again in 2006. Roy send me a big pile of 2008 A&G base cards, making a big dent in my Want List. Here are a few !

In addition to the 2008 A&G base cards Roy send me a pile of 2012 A&G minis !! I really love minis and a while ago decided to try to complete the minis sets as well. Here are a bunch, a mix of regular back and A&G back minis !!

Some Allen & Ginter inserts were includes as well. Here are 2 of this year's "What's in a Name" with Ryan and Weaver, the no-hitter guys !

...and another insert, Historical Turning Points !

Lastly, Roy send me a 2012 regular base card, I now only need one more !! Number 297, so if you have it lying around let me know !!

So, this was the A&G part, a really great part as I love the A&G sets so thanks very much Roy !! But this was not all, not by a long shot, so have a look tomorrow when I am reviewing the rest of the trade !!


  1. I really like the Historical Turning Points cards.

  2. Allen & Ginter is such a great set!

  3. Looks like Howard's got his bat upside down!