Friday, November 30, 2012

Topps Five Star: Opening a pack ?

Topps Five Star, I have seen a lot of posts on this set and mostly I agree with the opinions: The packs are way too expensive ($500) and although the cards look cool the thickness basically leads to a lot of chipped corners which for packs of $500 is not really acceptable in my view. As a result I stayed clear of any packs of Five Star. Still, I did decide to pick-up a selected few on eBay which is much cheaper than spending $500 on a pack and hoping for a big pull !

In the end I was able to pick-up 3 cards for very reasonable prices. Please meet my latest Kershaw !! Although a great looking card you can clearly see some chipping around the corners. Nevertheless, I really like the card, numbered to only /150.

I also picked-up 2 jumbo relics cards, It's Kershaw again and a nice Verlander, both numbered to /92.

Despite a bit of chipping (not sure if that's correct English!) I still like the cards but you can get loads of these cards of eBay for $500 so I won't be buying any of these unopened packs but might be picking-up one or two more from eBay !


  1. No, that's the correct English alright. I agree 100% with it all. For 500 bucks there is no excuse for damaged cards, especially since all boxes(packs) were hand packed. But there are some really nice cards in the set. It's just for $500 bucks there is almost no way, unless you get really lucky and hit one of the huge hits, that you will make your money back, or possibly even get close to the cost of the product.

  2. I hope you got a serious discount considering the damage. I'd be extremely upset to find ANY damage on a pack of cards, no matter the cost, but for $500 there is no excuse.

  3. The chipping in 2012 was horrible. Glad they fixed it in 2013.

  4. never saw the Five Star stuff, but it is nice.