Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Affordable Loot !!

Another month, another box break ! Since earlier this year I have been a fan of Colbey's affordable group breaks and I tried to participate each time (as long as I was quick enough to join of course !). Recently, Colbey, at his blog Cardboard Collections, hosted another fun one a few weeks back, opening several Upper Deck boxes from a range of years. I was lucky enough to have the Yankees and the Mets and also got allocated the Astros (if I remember correctly).

Let's start with the 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack ! Funny cards, here are Boggs and Mattingly !

Here are two more, Bagwell and Gooden

Colbey also opened a box of Upper Deck "Standing O", here's Bernie and Clemens

Bagwell again and one for the Piazza sandlot trade pile !

and two Yankee round-cut cards (or whatever we should call them !)

All in all a fun break so thanks very much Colbey, looking forward to your next break !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today and be on the look-out for some trade posts in the coming days with some cool cards !!!


  1. Fun pack is truly that. Fun. My son loves those cards.

  2. I love the baseball in the background of the Standing O cards. I wish they would have rotated the ball though, so the seems were in different spots on each card.

  3. I've opened some of those fun pack cards, they are a blast.

  4. honestly... these are not my cup of tea but congrats