Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Diamond King Draft Loot !

I recently participated in a fun card draft organized by Kevin at the Diamond King. This week a nice pile of cards arrived !! Although I couldn't resist some Glavines I also scored a bunch of cool vintage cards and these vintage cards are gradually growing on me so happy to have received some more from this draft !

Well, let's first start with the Glavines ! One cool relic card, Upper Deck Timeline, and his Score Rookie card !

The package included some more cool pitchers, here's Sabathia and Seaver, both numbered !

Let's move to the vintage !! One of the 1957 Pirates and 1969 Marichal Scratch Off card, I like these vintage cards !

 Two great looking 1964 Topps cards ! I don't know these players so something for me to research !

These are the oldest cards of the lot, 1952 Mothers Coockies ! I clearly need to start doing some research on these vintage sets, never heard of these !

Another cool vintage card, really like the look of this Topps set from 1960 !

Let's finish off this post with a Yankee as (sarcastic mode on) I know you all love the Yankees (sarcastic mode off) !! a cool numbered Munson Donruss Classic card !

All in all a fun draft so looking forward to the next one !! Thanks Kevin !!


  1. Wow, what a great lot of vintage cards. I've heard of Mother's Cookies, but didn't know they made cards back then.

  2. Glavine looks the same today as he did back in 1988. Love the Munson card!