Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Community Gum Loot and Mets Trade Bait !

This morning a big yellow envelop with a pile of cards arrived from Community Gum with my Upper Deck group break loot !!! A few weeks back the held a cool group break and I was fortunate enough to claim the Yankees and Mets. I really received some awesome cards this morning and some good Mets Trade Bait !

Let's have a look shall we, I know you are as excited as I am !! I was very lucky this break with 2 auto cards including this cool Goose Gossage !!

My friends from Community Gum also pulled me this great Dave Winfield card: "Inkredible" !

The Elements set was also included, very cool cards I must say. Here's Jeter and Henn.

As I claimed the Mets as well I have a bunch for trade again, I know someone who I suspect is already getting excited seeing "only" 2 of the bunch of Piazza's I received !

You may wonder why I took the Mets as well, well here's why: Glavine !! Only one card in the pile but still ! and a Nolan is always welcome !

I also like the Retro set the opened, here are two cool cards, Mantle and Ruth !

Lastly, a few cards from the 2004 Upper Deck Legends set, a couple of oldies !!

All in all an awesome box break with some great loot !! Thanks for the visit to my blog today !


  1. Sweet break! I got a few nice Rockies cards...I thought I was going to end up with a dud! I think that Winfield is an awesome card! Congrats!

  2. Community Gum is one of my favorite places!

  3. Goosage has a great looking graph! Love the Retro cards!

  4. nice posting of cards here, not a bad one in the lot.