Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spanking Loot, part 2 !

Yesterday I showed you my box break loot from Spankee's recent box break at the Cardboard Mistress. We also set-up a great trade so that's what I will show you today !!

Let's kick-off with the "hits" of the trade ! Here's one of my favourite pitchers, Sabathia !!

The second "hit" was a cool triple relic card which include Glavine !! I'll take a Glavine relic any day !!

I am also chasing the Topps 2012 Minis set and luckily Spankee had some in store for me !! Still a few to go so in case you have any for trade please check out my Want List !! Really like the Blanks card

Spankee also send me 20 or so 2012 A&G base cards...I am almost done with this set, only a few more !!

Another set that I am collecting is the 2008 Upper Deck "A Piece of History" and Spankee send me a pile of those as well !! Here's Cano and Jones !

All in all, a lot of cool cards that helped me get closer to completing some of the sets I am chasing. Thanks very much Spankee for the cool cards. Looking forward to a next box break or trade !!


  1. Great looking cards! The triple relic is awesome!

  2. gotta love an Indian picture on a brewer relic!! and the swatch looks like an Indian uni!!

  3. AAHHH
    JONES in a Dodger uniform
    what a loss that year