Saturday, June 6, 2015

Another Trip to the Wallmart !!

So in week 1 of my holiday I visited a Wallmart and was able to pick up a pack of Series 1. I had another urge in week 2 so went back there with the wife and kids and got myself a few more packs including GQ, Series 1, Heritage and Donruss. Today let's check-out what I got in my GQ and Series 1 packs !!

Let's start with Gypsy Queens ! Normally I buy hobby box and have them shipped to Holland. This was my first retail product so my first white parallels !! All for trade by the way !

A few inserts were included, helping my in my quest to complete the full set ! Not yet there so let me know if you have some for trade !!

 A few minis were included as well, a silver one to /199 and a nice red one to /50 !

One more parallel was included as well as a relic card ! Both do not fit my collection so for trade if you are interested !

In my Series 1 packs there was not much special to show so let me stick to the 2 medallion cards, both for trade !

That's it, mostly cards to build my trade pile but still some nice inserts here and there to help me complete the sets !

Let me know if you would like to trade anything ! Thanks for visiting my blog today !

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  1. You pulled a relic out of a retail blister pack? Nice!