Monday, June 15, 2015

Topps Delivers again, nr 241 !!

I am starting to like Topps' Redemption Program. Yes, call me crazy but hey, they ship for free to the Netherlands and they have not (yet) failed to deliver. A few days ago another Topps package arrived at my doorstep with an awesome card. A cool red parallel Gypsy Queen card, numbered to only 5 !!

To my surprise my excel file claims this is actually already my 241st Glavine Auto card...a shocking number when I think about it. This implies also that I now own a copy of 35% of the Glavine auto cards that were ever made so not even half-way !

Anyways, the quest continues ! Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. That is so impressive. 241? Get out of town, wow.

  2. I agree. That is a LARGE number! Congrats.

  3. Great looking card! I still need to get a Glavine Auto for my HOF collection, maybe you have been the one outbidding me? :-)

  4. That is a great looking card.