Thursday, June 4, 2015

Breaking a box of Diamond Kings !!

My visit to Big League Cards in Orlando also resulted in a box of 2015 Diamond Kings (by Panini). Despite the lack of official logo I think this is a great set and will try to complete it including all minis ! Still loads to go as I only brought one box home with me. Let's check out the box shall we !!

Let's start with a quick look at the 200-card base set which consists of current players, Hall of Famers as well as Rookies. I really like the look and feel of these base cards ! Have a look yourself at Chapman and Kershaw !!

Like with Gypsy Queen, this set also comes with "framed" cards such as the ones below. There are regular ones and numbered SPs. The Cano is numbered to /99.

Like GQ and A&G the set also has minis !! I love minis !! Although the checklist has loads of them, my hobbybox only contained 2 I guess this is going to be a difficult chase to complete the minis set !!

Diamond Kings also has several inserts included. Here's one of them, DK Originals with Abreu and Ichiro !

Another insert set is the "also known as", here with Ortiz and Pujols !

Another of the insert sets is "Aficionada", here with Harper and Puig !

The final insert set is HoF Sluggers, here Bench and Killebrew !

Each hobby box also contains one auto card and one relic card. Mine were Dalton Pompey (have you heard of him yet because I don't know the guy to be honest) and Nick Castellanos ! Nice looking cards although I am always annoyed with sticker-autos.

That's it for a nice box of Diamond Kings. I really like the set and have set my goals on completing the set, including the minis and inserts !!

Anyone else excited about Diamond Kings ?


  1. This looks like the kind of set that a lot of us wish Topps would put out so that we would have with logos. I love the photo/artwork, but I do have the hangup of wanting logos.

  2. Dalton got the starting job at center field this season, but got sent back to the minors after some problems with hitting. But he's very promissing !
    I'd love to trade for it, if you're up for it

  3. I only know of Dalton Pompey because he seems to have an auto in every set this year.

  4. I love this set. It has a great checklist and always seems to yield at least one really nice card. I'lm slowly building a stack for you. I'm getting ready to bust a box of this. I'll check your list to see if anything you need pops up.