Saturday, June 13, 2015

Trade package from France

When I mention "France" most of the blogosphere these days immediately thinks about Kevin at the Card Papoy. He is making quite a name for himself with some cool trades. A few weeks back he showed some interested in an auto I pulled from this year's Diamond Kings and a trade was quickly born !

Here's what Kevin send me ! Let's start off with the cool cards, a very nice Yogi Berra Finest and a cool Rivera Hometown Heroes !

Two cool Dream Moments were included, never seen this set and think it's actually pretty good !

Glavine was included !! Any package with a Glavine card is a good one !!

Kevin also included a few Mattingly cards, Like the look and feel of both of these !

The "hit" of the package was a cool Sabathia relic card from last year's Panini Immaculate !

Of course, Kevin also hit me with a Bierber card ! Clearly, I will forward this pleasure to someone else in the coming period :-))

Thanks Kevin for a cool trade, looking forward to the next one !!


  1. I think that Bieber should get sent to Jaybarkerfan. After all, he collects the Braves! :-)

    1. Haha you know what, when I saw that cap, I told myself I was really a dooffus not to have included this one for Wes . But thank God for small favors, I found a duplicate ! Glad you liked the cards ! I had picked up that Sabathia for my own collection, but I figured it'd be a nice addition to yours, and a fair trade for the Pompey...I hope you agree !