Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vegas Time !

So apparently, there seems to be an annual card show conference in Las Vegas. It would make sense to do that in Vegas, I have attended several conference there as well (in a completely different field sadly enough) and for that it is an excellent location. During this card show they apparently also issue exclusive cards, one of which is a Glavine card. Everyone who knows me knows that this mean that the chase for this card is on !!

After a couple of months of watching out for this card I saw an opportunity to get one for a reasonable price so I of course jumped all over it. The card arrived recently and here it is !!

Any of you have any of these Vegas Summit cards ?

Thanks for visting my blog today !


  1. You could make an interesting mini collection of exclusives from the National and Summits. I have a few cards in my collection.

  2. Never seen these... but it's totally awesome. Congratulations!