Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rizzo: The Letter "R" !

Quick post today with my latest Rizzo card. Meet the letter R from Panini's Immaculate Collection. Four more letters to go, a huge quest given they are numbered to only 5 !

Anyone of you ever completed a players name with these types of cards ?


  1. I've completed "MOUNTAINEERS" for Noel Devine and EBANKS for Devin Ebanks. They weren't near as rare as the Immaculate cards. I think /99 for both.

    I've been working on a few harder ones for Pat White and Steve Slaton that are /7. I'm about halfway home on each.

    Great Rizzo. He has been a monster this year.

  2. Congrats and good luck.
    Even though he is no longer a Dodger I am still trying to complete
    M A T T
    K E M P
    L O S
    A N G E L E S
    D O D G E R S
    That is 25 letters...massive project but I only need 3 more.

  3. Awesome guys, you are way ahead of me, although i am close with some Kershaw letters from when Kershaw still had affordable cards :-))

  4. I wanted to created "Homegrown Yanks" using different Yankees players but stopped when I realized that it'd be limited to Jeter, Hughes and Joba.

  5. I pulled a letter patch many years ago of Kevin Kolb that was #1/2 and had the "K" and part of the "O", not sure why Topps did it that way instead of making it 4 cards. But I never considered hunting down the other half and sold it a few years ago.

    At one point I picked up 4 of the manufactured letters for Jim Thorpe from the UD Icon Letterman set. I changed my mind and sold them instead of hunting down the final 2 letters.

  6. I have completed Bay and McCutchen (Daniel not Andrew). Both mine were /25 or /99 tho. Best of luck!