Friday, June 19, 2015

Trade with another Dutch Collector !!

Recently I discovered there are more like me in the Netherlands ! More Baseball card collectors ! I was contacted by Milan who had discovered my blog. With Dutch baseball card collectors being a rarity I jumped at the opportunity to do a "local" trade !! A package from Milan arrived recently with some cool cards.

Let's start with some minis !!! Allen & Ginter Minis !! Yes, it's Snoooopppp ! Snoop Lion as he calls himself these days (or did he change his name already to something else...).

Milan also included one of the inserts, Hendry Hudson, the inspiration for the Hudson River and Hudson Strait (says the back of the card!).

More mini inserts, here's one of the World's Deadliest Predators ! Luckily no snakes here in Holland...

More Ginter !! One of the Coincidence cards and a cool Natural Wonder !

Milan also included one of the Series 1 inserts. I still needs lots so these presidents were very welcome !

All in all a great pack of cards, thanks a bunch Milan, looking forward to a next trade !!


  1. Nice glad to hear you found a fellow Dutchman to trade with. Saves Millions (Hehe) on shipping. Nice pickups. I never got used to the Snoop Lion name... looking at the wikipedia page for him mentions the name change in 2012. I thought he went back to Dogg but I could be wrong wiki doesn't mention him going back.

  2. Happy you found another Dutch collector!
    Apparently the European card community is growing fast...maybe one day we'll have our own card shows like our fellows in the US...

    1. That would be so awesome, i have never been to a card show so that would be my first !