Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dimwit Box Break loot arrives !

Sam at The Daily Dimwit recently held a group break, opening several 2012 hobby boxes including Topps Opening Day, Gypsy Queen and Heritage. I was lucky enough to score several teams in the break including the Yankees, Mets and Angels, resulting in a couple of nice additions to my collection.

Firstly, Gypsy Queen minis !! I really like minis and the 2012 GQ minis are no different (although a bit too many different variations if you ask me). I scored a variet of different minis including a black Jeter, a Jeter Glove story, a moonshot Pujols and a cool Mantle and Maris !

In addition, I reduced my GQ 2012 need list by one more SP as Seaver arrived at my dorstep as well !! "Only" 20 more to go so if you have any for trade do check my Want List please !!

If you need any GQ 2012 base cards let me know as I have plenty available for trade at the moment ! The break also included 2012 Heritage. Another Jeter was added to my collection and Weaver, recently throwing a no-hitter, was also present !

The loot also included the pope. I just traded my pope cards away a few weeks ago so maybe this is a sign ! Also a nice Santana numbered Chrome card.

My one and only hit from the break was also part of Heritage, a nice Jered Weaver relic !

Lastly, Topps Opening Day was also present. As I am trying to complete the set these were welcome addtions ! A Cano insert and a blue numbered Sabathia to start with !

Furthermore, a cool Pujols insert card as well as a Spot the differences Teixeira card.

It was clearly a Weaver & Pujols heavy break for me, here they are again !

All in all a fun break by Sam. In case oyu don'tknow his blog do check at out at The Daily Dimwit !

Thanks for visiting my blog again and enjoy the rest of the weekend !!


  1. The Bronx Bombers best card is interesting. One Mariner, one former Mariner and one Yankee who'll always be one of the most recognizable Yankees.

  2. another player that should have stayed with his original team... Pujols