Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trade Bait Draft Loot from JABO !

Today just a quick post with some cards as I have to get back to enjoying a sunny day in the Netherlands ! Already a while back I participated in Kyle's Trade Bait Draft at his blog Juuust a bit Outside (JABO). He had a cool collection of cards to chase and the loot arrived a while back. This is what was in the package:

I am a big fan of the Masterpieces set and still only need a few cards towards completing the set. Here's one of Gehrig, a really nice card. The card draft also helped my to get one step closer to completing this year's Gypsy Queen set, adding one more of the SPs. I still need a few SPs so if you have some lying around do check out my Want List and my Trade Bait list and let's set-up a trade !

I was also able to score two 2011 Topps Finest cards I was missing. Getting close to completing the set, only a few more to go !

Two more cool Yankees cards, a numbered Gehrig and a diamond Ruth Lineage

Granderson and another Ruth !

Also another step closer to completing my Topps Series 1 set with this Pujols addition ! Also scored a cool Griffey card !

Another Gehrig in the pack !! I also really like the Cano Chrome card, nice additions to me Yankees collection !

Mickey Mantle also joined the trade bait party !

Minis were also present and I was able to score me some more Lineage minis !! Still tons I don't have yet but we are slowly working towards completion (although very slowly as I guestimate being at only 20% completion or so !)

I also very much like this Jeter card so happy I was able to get my hands on it during the draft !!

As usual, Kyle was nice enough to add a few extra cards to the package, like e.g. these Topps Total Yankees cards !

Thanks Kyle for hosting a fun card draft ! I am off to enjoy the sun some more !


  1. There you go with JABO again. That's a nice Gehrig.

  2. love the old school ruth and gerhig

  3. That Gehrig is one of my favorite cards of all-time!

  4. A lot of awesome in this batch of loot!