Thursday, May 3, 2012

eBay Pick-ups: Tim Lincecum Time

Just a quick post today ! A few days ago I showed you some of my recent Rivera eBay pick-ups. Today it's Tim Lincecum Time ! I started collecting Lincecum a few months ago, together with Kershaw and Verlander, so don't have a huge collection yet. No in a rush but adding a few here and there ! These are the ones I picked-up from eBay recently.

First-up, Topps 2012 Heritage variation card (numbered to #/1963). I have not been focussed on collecting the Heritage sets so still didn't have this one.

Next-up, Topps Gypsy Queen, the blue-framed card (numbered to #/599). I really like this set and this is a great addition to me collection !
I liked Topps Museum collection as well and noticed this one so jumped at the opportunity ! Another serial numbered card, this time #/50.

Lastly, another nice Gypsy Queen card, this one being the mini jersey relic. I think its looks awesome so a great addition to my Lincecum collection !
That's it for today, thanks for checking it out ! More to come from the eBay front including Sabathia and Glavine !


  1. Those are some great additions! I'm a big Lincecum fan, but haven't added any jersey cards yet. After seeing these, I may have to move them up my wish list!

  2. Those Museum jumbos are nice. I have a couple myself.

  3. Dodger fan here hates those Giants

  4. Love the Museum jumbo jersey card!