Wednesday, May 30, 2012

eBay pick-ups and some plugs !

Quick post today just to show you some of my recent eBay pick-ups ! First let me put in 2 plugs ! Firstly, Colbey at Cardboard Collections is doing another one of his famous affordable box breaks, this time opening the upcoming 2012 Topps Chrome. A lof of the big teams are not yet taken so checkout his blog !  

Secondly, there is another contest going on, this time at Baseball Cards, Sports and Life. Participating is easy, just follow him and comment on his blog. Check it out as it closes tonight !

Now to my eBay pick-ups. I recently decided to pick-up some Bert Blyleven cards, another one of the great pitcher in MLB history and one with clear Dutch roots as he was born in the Netherlands before moving to the US at a young age. I am even seriously considering starting a Blyleven player collection but for now decided to just add a few here and there. I saw this great Topps Tribute card on eBay for very little hence decided to go for it and I won ! Great card and hopefully more of these will follow !

Of course my eBay pick-ups included more Glavine, still the centre of my collection. Here's a really nice relic booklet of the Braves and Mets with Glavine in Mets uniform !

Another great Glavine card was this beautiful Premier Swatches card, numbered to 25 !

My last Glavine pick-up of the day was one of the Prime Patches

I also picked-up one of the Lincecum Tribute relic cards, this one numbered to 99.

All in all, pretty happy with today's mailman's visit ! Thanks for visiting my blog again !