Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My first Verlander Auto !

A few months ago I decided to expand my pitchers collection beyond Glavine, Rivera and Sabathia and added Verlander, Lincecum and Kershaw. A few weeks ago I was even toying with the idea to start collecting a Trifecta of every pitcher in MLB history that has thrown a no-hitter (still trying to make up my mind if I should take on this project!). At that time, Phil Humber had just thrown a no-hitter (even a perfect game!).

Doing some browsing on eBay I came across the following card which does not only contain a Phil Humber Auto but also had Verlander's Auto on it as well. So I decided to chase this card to kill two birds with one stone !!

Last week it arrived !!!

My first Verlander (and Humber) auto card and a cool addition to my Verlander Collection !

Thanks for checking my blog !!