Wednesday, May 2, 2012

JABO GQ Loot Arrives !

Kyle at Juuust a bit Outsite (JABO) hosted a Gypsy Queen break a few weeks ago. As I can't control myself when it comes to participating in box breaks I signed-up quickly and got the Yankees while the randomizer gave me the brewers as well. As most of you have seen plenty of GQ posts in recent weeks let me just stick to showing you the hits !!

In am chasing the complete set including the SPs and inserts while from a mini perspective only I chose to chase the Yankees as well as the pitchers I collect (Lincecum, Verlander, Kershaw, Seaver). As the SPs are clearly harder to get and I still need 20 or so, I was very pleased with no less than 6 SPs in the break !!!

DiMaggio and Cano to start with ! My 2nd Cano so this one (or the other one!) is up for trade.

 Cabrera and one of my favourite pitchers: CC Sabathia !!

Two more Yankees !! Granderson and Gehrig ! I already have the Gehrig so this one is up for trade. In addition to the regular SPs Kyle pulled he also pulled three mini SPs for me !

Meet A-Rod, Gehrig and Sabathia. As this was not enough Kyle pulled me two relic cards !!

I really like the Maris bat relic, while the Greinke jersey relic is up for trade. Still, this was not all....There is more........a 1/1 printing plate !!!!

Sadly enough no Yankee but still the chances of pulling a 1/1 printing plate are small, let alone showing up for one of my teams in the break. Given that I don't collect Ramirez or the Brewers this one is up for trade if the right trade comes along !!

All in all a fun break, I still have some Gypsy Queen 2012 needs so if you have any spares lying around please check out my Want List. Note that I also have tons of base and insert cards so if you are looking for some to complete your set let me know and I will help you out !!

Thanks Kyle for hosting another fun break. I am already looking forward to the next one !