Saturday, May 5, 2012

Trading with Stealing Home

Stealing Home at All Trade Bait, All The Time recently showed off some Gypsy Queen cards, including the CC Sabathia SP I still needed. I contacted Oscar and we quickly agreed on a great trade. Here's what Oscar send me !

First up the card that initiated the trade: CC Sabathia SP. I am close to complete my 2012 Gypsy Queen set and only need a few more so if you have any let me know (see my Want List). In addition, my first Future Stars card. As it's harder to get my hands on retail boxes in Europe so I didn't have any of these inserts yet. 

In addition, Oscar send me a bunch of Yankees cards. Here's a really nice one, 2004 Fleer's Classic Clippings, Jason Giambi !

Furthermore, two really nice UD Icon cards, a set which I didn't have any cards from. Here's Chamberlain and Teixeira.

The package also included a Yankee Stadium Legacy card !! Still only 5,000 or so to go so if you have any spares let me know !!!

Nolan Ryan also showed up, not once but twice !

Oscar, thanks again for a cool trade ! I hope you like the cards I have send you and looking forward to or next trade !


  1. hey man, im glad you liked the cards. cool that you did not have cards from those sets. i'll send a few more when we rock our next trade.
    maybe i'll get my package on monday. :)

  2. thanks again for the trade. your package was send a week ago so should hopefully be arriving soon !

  3. Nolan had great cards and some terrible cards. That UD card is one of those terrible ones.

  4. Donruss Ryan is an eye sore with all the colors