Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Awesome loot from Colbey !

As most of you know, every now and then Colbey at Cardboard Collections hosts his, now famous, Affordable Group Break. This time he opened 1999 Skybox Thunder, 2003 Fleer Double Header and 2003 Fleer Genuine, a nice combination of hobby boxes. This break turned out great for me with some awesome hits !! I was lucky enough to get the Yankees and the randomizer gave me the Expos (oh well, more trade bait, any Expos collectors out there ???).

First up, Fleer Genuine, a nice set from 2003, meet Bernie and Soriano !

In addition, Skybox Thunder, the name in itself already sounds really cool "Skybox Thunder" !! The cards are nice but not that special. Still, happy to receive a new addition to my Mariano Rivera collection !

Colbey also pulled a nice insert for me: Unleashed !!
Next-up Fleer Double Header ! I really like this set, meet David and Bernie !

The Double Header inserts are cool as well. The insert are folded cards, you can see it if you look carefully.

I hope you are still with me because the best is still to come !! Colbey pulled two great hits for me !! Two relic cards !! Not just anybody, no, two Derek Jeter Relic hits !!!!!!

I really like the Fleer Genuine Tools of the Game relic card although the double header relic card is nice as well. So it's not only my first Derek Jeter relic card, no, it's my first and second Jeter relic card !!

Awesome loot and many thanks for the break Colbey, count me in for the next one !!


  1. Still working on selecting the boxes, format and pricing for this month's break...I'll let you know when everything is in place. Glad you're happy w/ your cards!

  2. That Fleer Genuine bat card has an interesting design. I bought some of that, but I don't remember seeing any of those.

  3. Unleashed card looks like a Wheaties card
    = )

  4. I need a Jeter bat card for my 3000 Hit Club Bat Card Collection. That is a nice one!